We support product development of new gel nail items custom-made
to your functional requirements,
from salon and other commercial use to general retail products and sundries.

Our new line of business is the marketing of resins.
We have developed materials for making gel nails all "Made in Japan".
- We can now customize products to match all your needs.

Are you satisfied with products that are on the market?
If you want to do better, we can develop an ONLY ONE item just for you.
Please contact us to make an appointment to access our unique system of product counselling.
Our Group's resin manufacturing company produces gel nail materials.
We offer customization from the raw material stage and support you in your original product development.

Company Profile

Company Name: AQUA CHEMICAL Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Masaharu Uehara
Established: October 9, 2002
Business Activities: Import/export, manufacture and marketing of resins for nails; import/expert of cosmetics


Head Office
2-24-1-704, Nakayamatedoori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0004
TEL: +81(0)78-939-8010 FAX: +81(0)78-939-8011

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